Sno-Cones and Big Dreams

by: Mark

Back in 2012 we were living in Houston, TX. We drove across town to one of our favorite sno-cone places. On our way home, sno-cones in hand, Sarah and I reminded each other of a long-term dream we had to travel full-time in a well designed, renovated RV. We’d talked about it a few times over the years but, like most others who dream this dream, we decided to put it in the bucket list for retirement, or at least until August, our son, was out of the house.

But that day was different. I don’t know if it was the sugar rush from the sno-cones amidst the crazy Houston heat, or just the invincibility you feel on beautiful days well spent with the ones you love, but Sarah and I were both asking a single question about this dream we had to travel full-time — Why not now?

Why Not Now?

We just couldn’t think of a good reason to wait. Every barrier between us and the dream suddenly seemed small. Asking this question illuminated the potential moves we would have to make to get there. Things like leaving the 9-to-5, getting out of debt, making money from the road, educating our son, and ultimately having an incredible experience seemed possible.

But the holidays were right around the corner, officially the worst time of the year to make big decisions. So, we decided to sleep on it until after Christmas. “Why Not Now?” had to wait.

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