A Note (or five) from August

by: August

PREFACE: Lately, many of our conversations have centered around the launch of this site. August has been caught up in the excitement as well and decided to write a note, or five, of his own. He grabbed my (Mark) phone, opened Evernote and went to town. The following words, emojis and parenthetical are 100% his. Enjoy:

i love this life so much ? and are cat ? it’s COOL!!! Very COOL!!! and my space ? and the other rooms in the RV yeah that is my life ? I am 7 and my name is August yeah and my Note book is very Cool ? and well com to are Life (That was Note 1)

Hi my name is August I like the RV because ‌the RV is my dads and my moms and my HOME ? and are life. and I am a ……….. DUDE (That was Note 2)

Hi my name is August and I am on the Harry Potter books I am on book 3 of Harry Potter the prisoner of Azkaban it is very COOL!!! we are on chapter four teen the Harry Potter books are by J.k. Rowling but it does say it is by potter more so

? OH…yeah I am talking about all this Harry Potter stuff because I am Harry Potter fan ?? (That was Note3)

Hi my name is August I Love Star Wars I am the biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? yeah! I Love it I Love it I Love it ? I Love it I Lo-(That was Note – i Love it NO!!! Sorry h-h-h OH …..Hi my name I-ouch is August (That was Note 4)

Hi my name is August and are cat’s name is Phoebe this is what Phoebe wants to say meow meow MEOW! ok phoebe Phe-meow no Phoebe likes Wet food she LOVES IT!!! (That was Note 5)

Hi my name is August and my favorite color is blue and I Love STAR WARS and BACK TO THE FUTURE and HARRY POTTER and THE ACTION BIBLE that is a book and my dads and my moms real name is my Sarah and my dads real name is Mark this is my dad and my mom yeah bye Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?.


Hi, I’m August. I was born in California but moved to Texas as fast as I could. I like Asian food, drawing in my notebook, and Phoebe Cates.


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