Sarah’s Top 5 Pros and Cons to the RV Lifestyle

by: Sarah


  1. Working from home or wherever we want. Having the freedom to be in charge of our schedules.
  2. A different (and often, beautiful) scene every week or two.
  3. Not having to “vacation-mode” a city and pack everything into a week, but having the luxury of time to take our time and actually experience the city as much as we would like, at our own space. We’ve gotten to experience cities, less like tourists and more like locals.
  4. Being so close to one another. The lack of space can be tricky, but it causes us to not just be physically close but mentally close as well. While solitude can be necessary, at times, this lifestyle doesn’t encourage isolation for long periods of time. I love that.
  5. Learning to reset our thinking on what school is. August (and Mark and myself) are learning through experience, hands-on, we’re seeing, touching, climbing up, and learning about the Statue of Liberty instead of just reading about her in a book.


  1. No date nights for Mark and myself.
  2. Lack of space which contributes to frustration at times and lack of privacy when we might need it.
  3. Lack of kids for August to play with during the winter months and while school is in session for most kids. Feeling stretched thin because of that.
  4. Tiny kitchen that makes cooking alone, not to mention together, a challenge.
  5. Taking a shower can be tricky if the circumstances aren’t just right (read more about that here).


Hi, I’m Sarah. I moved from Kentucky to Texas when I was 15. I like breakfast, sniffing books, all the little details, and Mark’s soul patch.

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