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What School Looks Like Right Now

This kid (the one you can partially see at the bottom of the photo there) has worked hard on focusing and finishing some basics (math, grammar, writing) this week. We unschool for the most part, but to make sure he’s learning what he needs to, we require a little work for four days a week […]

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A Note (or five) from August

PREFACE: Lately, many of our conversations have centered around the launch of this site. August has been caught up in the excitement as well and decided to write a note, or five, of his own. He grabbed my (Mark) phone, opened Evernote and went to town. The following words, emojis and parenthetical are 100% his. […]

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Learning to Read: An Unschooling Approach

It’s been quite an adventure for August to learn how to read and for us to learn how to take a step back, not pressure him, and let him want to learn on his own time. A couple months ago, I had the idea to buy some blank index cards and write words on them […]

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Let us be brave in our wishes

It’s not an uncommon thing for August to fill silent gaps with song. Most of the lyrics are about things he sees around him – “the birds are flying… In the sky” “I’m sitting on the couch and looking at a book” stuff like that. Tonight though he got me with a pretty epic and […]

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