Let us be brave in our wishes

by: Mark

It’s not an uncommon thing for August to fill silent gaps with song. Most of the lyrics are about things he sees around him – “the birds are flying… In the sky” “I’m sitting on the couch and looking at a book” stuff like that. Tonight though he got me with a pretty epic and profound lyric. To avoid this being one of those “you had to be there” kind of things try to read this in a Scott Stap, Creed-esque kind of voice because, as with all epic lines, this is how my seven year old sang it.

“We must be brave with our wishes”

I laughed at first because the line was so random in the middle of a song that included something about fighting birds by whipping them with our souls. Actually now that I write that I’m realizing there was plenty of deep nonsensical lyrics in that song.

But this line stood out. “We must be brave in our wishes”. Have we not been brave in he things we wish for? Have our wishes in fact been timid? Meek? They’re wishes dammit. They should be huge. They should be bold. They should be scary and we should be brave enough to not only wish them but to demand them.


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