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Hi, I’m Sarah. I moved from Kentucky to Texas when I was 15. I like breakfast, sniffing books, all the little details, and Mark’s soul patch.

F A R E !

This is our F A R E chart. At the beginning of the year, we decided that we wanted to try school a little differently (I wrote a little bit about that in our last blog post). One of the things that has probably been the most helpful in motivating August to do his daily […]

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What School Looks Like Right Now

This kid (the one you can partially see at the bottom of the photo there) has worked hard on focusing and finishing some basics (math, grammar, writing) this week. We unschool for the most part, but to make sure he’s learning what he needs to, we require a little work for four days a week […]

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I love a good southern diner, but…

All right, I think that if anyone told me to prepare myself for reverse culture shock upon returning to the great state of Texas after a year on the road in the most not-southern states, I think that I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. And then a year later, I would have kicked […]

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Sarah’s Top 5 Pros and Cons to the RV Lifestyle

PROS Working from home or wherever we want. Having the freedom to be in charge of our schedules. A different (and often, beautiful) scene every week or two. Not having to “vacation-mode” a city and pack everything into a week, but having the luxury of time to take our time and actually experience the city […]

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It’s not simple, damnit. But Rod Stewart helps.

We used to be those people riding the “live simply” wave. We sold most of our stuff and downsized, learned how to live with less stuff and space, paid off a lot of debt, figured out how to be our own boss, bought an RV, said goodbye to a conventional lifestyle, and hit the road […]

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Learning to Read: An Unschooling Approach

It’s been quite an adventure for August to learn how to read and for us to learn how to take a step back, not pressure him, and let him want to learn on his own time. A couple months ago, I had the idea to buy some blank index cards and write words on them […]

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From 3 Bedrooms to 4 Wheels: A Timeline

We have been asked by quite a few people, “How did you do it?,” “How can we do it?” And, if there is one thing that this website is supposed to do, it is to document our (The Sweetlanders) journey on and off the road. If there is one other thing it is supposed to […]

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