Learning to Read: An Unschooling Approach

by: Sarah

It’s been quite an adventure for August to learn how to read and for us to learn how to take a step back, not pressure him, and let him want to learn on his own time.

A couple months ago, I had the idea to buy some blank index cards and write words on them that August could sound out and draw corresponding pictures for, since drawing comes so naturally to him. It was a huge hit. He had such a desire to want to figure out what the words were so he could draw them. We were at it for over an hour.

Since then, we’ve tried extra hard to encourage him, without pressure, whenever he attempts to sound something out. We continue to read, read, read to him; visit bookstores and introduce him to stories we think he would like.

Not only is he getting it, but more importantly, he’s really enjoying it. This is huge for us.

Tonight, he found the the pack of cards we started months ago and asked if he could finish out the words we didn’t get to.

He’s motoring through each word on his own.

We’re so tickled by his illustrations and humbled and encouraged in our attempt to unschool; something I just had to share because it’s been a challenging road, but we’re finding, a road worth taking.

Cheesy “road” puns not intended.


Hi, I’m Sarah. I moved from Kentucky to Texas when I was 15. I like breakfast, sniffing books, all the little details, and Mark’s soul patch.

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